At Dogercise we customize programs to fit the needs of you and your canine kid(s)!

“A dog is highly intelligent, has amazing athletic abilities, and is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”


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We are currently booked for Dog Walking and Pet sitting, but please check out our Training Page.

Coming home to your pet bouncing off the walls?

We provide exercise that:

  • Prevents problem behavior
  • Makes training easier
  • Prevents disease/health issues

Then you can truly enjoy the gifts a pet’s love can provide.

Busy Dog Owner? Most breeds need to run and be challenged everyday, not only mentally but physically. Stop feeling bad because you have no time. We Can Help byproviding physical and mental stimulationfor your petwhile teaching good leash behavior.  We guarantee you will see the difference or you get a refund!

These are just a few things to expect from us and more upon your request:

  1. Your pet waiting for our permission to exit/enter doors
  2. Walking/running next to us or behind us-never in front
  3. Properly handling fears on the walk so there are no behavioral issues 
  4. No jumping on us or other people
  5. Following your instructions 100%
  6. Our dog walkers/sitters will encourage good behavior only with lots of positive re-enforcement.

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Why Choose Dogercise?